Migration FAQ's

Why are these projects not included?

Version 2 of BuildTools is not an upgrade of Version 1. It is completely new! Built with all of today’s best practices for building software and on a scalable cloud infrastructure. In comparison it is not “apples to apples” it’s more like “apples to car parts”. The older data in your system is at greater risk of having data conversion issues coming up during the migration and could extend the time it takes to complete the whole process.

Will I have down time?

Yes. We will work with you to schedule a time for your migration, so you are prepared. We will let you know when we schedule the date with you how much time you can expect your system to be unavailable while we do the migration.

Will I need to re-sync QuickBooks or Zero?

Yes. We will work with you to schedule a time right after the migration to re-sync. No invoices should be processed in BuildTools until the re-sync is complete.

What will happen to my old system?

Your old system will be placed in a read only state. You will be able to access the information and export any data you wish to keep a copy of including an export of your whole system.

How do I get a copy of my old data?

Requesting a system backup

Go to Settings -> Company, scroll to the bottom and click on Request Client Backup This will generate a request which will take from several minutes to several hours before a download link is provided here and via email

This will create a TAR/ZIP file which is best accessed SQL server, or can be decompressed using software such as 7Zip.

Once your file is ready you will see a clickable link like the one below that you can click to start your download.

Exporting and downloading your data manually

Visit each module to export your data to excel, or download contents directly from the Documents module.

In documents you can download individual files by hovering over the file, or select multiple files and folders and click Pack at the bottom. This creates a zip file which can be downloaded.

What are the main differences between Version1 and Version 2?

It is important that your team watch the videos on this YouTube page prior to the migration to review the differences from the old to the new system.


How long will I be able to access the read only version of the system with my old data in it?

You will have access to your read only system for as long as version 1 is supported by BuildTools. Please note that once all customers have been migrated off of the version 1 system, there are plans to completely depreciate the version 1 system and take it offline. At such time, all data still existing in the version 1 system will be deleted, and you will no longer have access to your read only system.

What will I need to tell my customers and vendors?

BuildTools will send out an email on your behalf prior to the migration giving customers and vendors information about the downtime and instructions on what to do post migration. Users with a login will need to perform a password recovery in order to update their password in the new system. Instructions on that process will be included in the communication to the customers and vendors. If you would prefer to give BuildTools the list of customers and Vendors to reach out to or do this on your own, we will work with you on that as well.

What do I need to do after migration and how do I get help?

After migration there will be a series of meetings scheduled. For any major data missing please contact your Migration Coordinator who will be assigned to you and for functionality questions or additional training please contact our support team at support@ecisolutions.com